GF-adchecker - Web service designed to control (monitoring) on ​​the areas of advertising media (Web sites). As the carrier can be a graphic banner (image or flash object) or text (demo site GF-adchecker, where you can try to work product).

The service can be used:

  • advertising agencies - for the control of advertising platforms and exchanges of links (eg, Sape) during the campaign;
  • advertisers - to verify the data submitted by agencies and owners of the sites;
  • site owners - to monitor the information on your website or online partners.

Features of service

  • check the presence or absence of the carrier at the site - with an interval given by the bypass (see example) or in the "manual mode" (on demand);
  • control of visual hide carrier - putting in comments or via CSS (display: none);
  • record validation errors caused by the inaccessibility of the site, or the lack of visual concealment carrier, the ability to view statistics for various periods (see example);
  • notification system - with the possibility of error threshold, above which a service will automatically notify the user by e-mail;
  • maintaining the source code page, check which was carried out in a database system for possible future analysis.

How to use the service

Demonstration site GF-adchecker, where anyone can try to work service (username test, password test_gf).

Send us a request to learn the conditions of commercial use of the service.

Architecture of service

Service is hosted on servers VGroup and uses the following technologies:

  • PHP 5 library cURL;
  • DBMS MySQL, required to store the results of audits and source-site pages sites;
  • template engine Smarty.
Price: $70.00