FiberbaseThe company VGroup - official representative of the U.S. firm Corridor Technologies, a developer of information systems FiberBase. We sell the system on Russian territory, provide implementation services and support FiberBase.

FiberBase - a software package that belongs to a class of systems designed to manage network assets (born asset management) and provides opportunities for automating accounting as networking equipment and network design process - fiber optic, cellular, telephone, electric, and even the network of urban communications .

Among the functions of the system FiberBase the following:

  • A hierarchical consideration of network elements (nodes, racks, cabinets, switches, ports, cables, couplings, supports, patch cords, etc.). Ability to bind to the subnet (mikrosetyam, nanosetyam), home or any other space (two-dimensional) or point objects.
  • Ability to anchor a network diagram to map the terrain (eg, city) or the plan of the building (ground floor). Supports vector maps in the format of ESRI-MapInfo. Network diagram can be reflected by the layers (layers).
  • Support for setting connection fibers (live) cable with the equipment (the cross), razvarki couplings, etc. Ability to track the signal along the fiber, color coding fibers.
  • Support the network design, switching circuits, and cross - trace, calculation of the shortest path between two points, the length of the channel attenuation.
  • Multi-user access rights with customizable, graphical interface with the ability to review the network at different levels (physical, transport, etc.).
  • Ability to organize documentation for sites or projects, tracking the stages of construction: the acts of harmonization, the data sheets for equipment, OTDR (OTDR), etc.
  • A powerful reporting subsystem, the availability of direct access to information stored in the database (DB), document output to print in the set designs.
  • The system supports the input and storage of data in any language, including Russian, provides search capabilities by address or name of the node type of equipment, etc.
  • FiberBase integration with other products and systems - built-in (such as MS Visio) and emerging (eg, through direct access to the database system).
  • FiberBase works with the database management system (DBMS) Oracle, which provides scalability and high speed networks, even taking into account a large number of devices (more than tens of thousands).

More information about the possibilities of FiberBase presented at the developer's site (in English).

Services for the sale, implementation, support and maintenance FiberBase

The company carries out VGroup:

  • FiberBase sale in Russia and the CIS - as an agent Corridor Technologies, without the need to execute a contract with the author of the international standard system
  • consultations regarding the development and implementation of the system,
  • training of personnel working with FiberBase,
  • configuration management and filling systems
  • technical support system FiberBase (with Corridor Technologies),
  • development of modules for system expansion and integration with other software.

If you want to ask additional questions about Fiberbase, specify the purchase price or terms of service - please contact us.

Price: $170.00